Mobile Optimization for Funeral Homes

In addition to a website that is optimized for the search engines, it is a must that your site formats perfectly on any mobile device as well. Google places a tremendous amount of weight on mobile optimized websites. If your site is not optimized for mobile, IT WILL affect your search ranking results. Google has a tool to check if your site is optimized properly. It’s called Google Mobile Checker and here is the link;  You must get positive feedback from Google, “Awesome, your site is mobile friendly!”

Just because you can ‘see’ your website on a mobile device, does not mean it’s optimized for mobile. If you have to enlarge the screen, or swipe back and forth to read text, it’s not mobile optimized. Here are two examples, one optimized for mobile, the other is not.

mobile_optimized    not optimized for mobile














This site on the left is optimized for mobile. You can read the text without swiping back and forth or up and down. The site on the right can be seen on mobile but not mobile friendly. You cannot read content without enlarging the text.


  • A mobile-optimized website is necessary to appease both users and Google
  • According to Google, mobile = smartphones (not tablets, watches, glasses, etc.)
  • Of the mobile optimization options available, Google recommends responsive design

Our sister site, has created a video on responsive vs. independent mobile website. Which one is best of your business? As of this writing, our video is ranking on page 1 of Google, position  #1 under the keyword phrase ‘mobile websites explained’ out of over 27 million results! Type this keyword phrase in Google’s search bar and see for yourself! Here is the youtube link;