How to get your Funeral Home on Page one of Google


funeral home ranking on Google
#1 Position on Google Organic


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting your website to show up in the Organic (FREE / Non-PPC) section of the search engines. There are specific things that you can do both on and off your website to ensure that you show up when someone types “Funeral Home + Your City” into Google, Yahoo or Bing. In all of our years working with Funeral Home Companies in some of the most competitive markets in the United States, we have developed a proven strategy that consistently gets our clients to the top of the search engines and we are sharing it with you in this section.

Your basic funeral home website has between five and six main pages, – Home | About Us | Our Services | Our Staff | Contact Us and maybe an obituary page or pre-planning page. We have been able to identify two important factors;

An internal page within a website can be optimized for two and three key word combinations

There are multiple high traffic keyword combinations in each geographic area that are used when your prospects are looking for funeral related services.

What we do is we build out a page for each one of your services and each one of the different sub-cities that you operate in. As an example, you may offer the following services; a full service funeral, cremation, embalming, casket sales, pre plan funerals, and green funerals. We want to make sure your website shows up for those keywords when someone is doing a search.

We also want to make sure that you have a page on your website that’s optimized for those specific keywords in your main city and all the sub cities which you operate in, The reason; We find the average funeral home services an areas between 1- 25 miles depending on area so you not only want to optimize for your main city or community, you want to optimize for all of the sub cities in and around your main city.

There can be typically between 5 -10 sub cities for most markets. So you want to build a page that takes those smaller sub cities and combine them with keywords like funeral homes, funeral director, so that you can make sure that you are indexed in those sub cities and you have pages for the different keyword combinations that somebody might type when doing a search.

Below a perfect example of what you should not do.  Building one page that highlight all the cities, towns or communities you service. You need to develop individual pages that rank.

Multiple areas services on one page

Placing multiple areas of Service on one page is a no-no