Personalization of YOU: The Funeral Director

Funeral Directors can now create tremendous authority in the demographic they serve.
Personalization of a funeral director or death care professional is priceless. We believe it’s part of a blueprint for developing a secure multi-million-dollar funeral home business. Finding at-need families in your demographic and having them call you over your competition takes a very specialized skill.

Here’s the problem; Most families think that if they approach a funeral director, something “bad” is going to happen. People are full of superstitions. We want to correct that by making you as a funeral director more approachable to the families you serve. How do we accomplish this? We need to personalize you and make you approachable to the many families that have end of life questions but are afraid or don’t know how to start a conversation with you. Believe it or not, personalization is the simple part. We developed a short video describing why personalization of you, the funeral director is invaluable;

Here’s what’s needed.

You talk to grieving families often. Sometimes there are challenges you need to solve for these families above and beyond making funeral arrangements because you want to help them as best you can during a very difficult time. Think about it, how many times have you gone the extra mile to help a family?

This is what you need to do; Take your phone and video yourself explaining a situation you experienced and how you went about helping or solving it for a family. It could be a short video, a minute to a minute and a half long. What you are looking to create through a video selfie is the compassion you showed during a difficult time for that family. When a family is EFFECTIVELY meeting a funeral director through a “Compassionate story” shared on video, it gives the funeral director the opportunity to stand out like a shining star in their demographic, making him or her approachable and personable. Here are two video that drives this point home. – 2:40 long – 7:48 long

Upon watching the videos above, you can see how two funeral directors did this for themselves and how we edited the video to complete it. Hopefully this will provide ideas and inspiration to do this for your funeral home. We envision doing a series of these videos for each one of our clients. Then we drive these videos high in the local search results in your area. The results will make you the “go to” funeral home in your demographic because families don’t do business with a building, they do business with the people that run it!

Once we get your video online for people to find it, we want to “surround” your targeted market with an amazing and “tasteful” tri-fold direct mail piece. The direct mail piece ties in effectively with the personalized video. The targeted family actually gets an introduction to the funeral director through an easy to use QR code linking directly to the video. Watch the short mail piece presentation here:

At allow us to show you how well we market our funeral home clients to help them generate more quality services each month.