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Adding Amazing Content to your Funeral Home Website

Here are some of the major high authority sites that will recognize your business from the results of our creative writing services about your funeral home. 

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By getting our articles about your funeral home onto these high authority news sites that Google trusts and more importantly, your families know and trust, we’ll be getting serious rankings and great visibility in all the communities and towns your funeral home wants to do business in.

You’ll achieve page 1 rankings, a flood of targeted traffic and over 200 high quality backlinks from high traffic, high authority websites. Best of all Google loves our highly respected method of conducting business.

Here is how it works:
Included in our articles are hyperlinks of your domain name, that when clicked upon, take the reader back to your website.  So when a website like NBC news publishes our articles about your funeral home on their web pages, there is a hyperlink that takes the user back to your website. That’s called a backlink. Backlinks are a major metric for the ranking of a webpage. A page with a lot of backlinks tend to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google. It makes sense too. If you have a good number of quality backlinks from all different sources pointing back to your website, that is considered a sign of authority.
The more quality backlinks you have, or in other words, the more businesses that recognize you, the more authority your website has and the higher it will appear in the search results. The awesome thing about this is that your funeral home is a local business looking for high visibility in a determined demographic. We are not running a national campaign. We are not worried about ranking in all 50 states. We are only worried about ranking in your state and only in a specific area of your state.

Your competition doesn’t stand a chance.