Casting a Wider Net for Your Funeral Home

GoalFuneral homes don’t only do business with the residents in the immediate area surrounding their funeral home, they also offer their funeral services in nearby towns and communities.

In most search directories, including Google, you are indexed by the address of your physical location. For example, type the keyword phrase, Funeral homes + (your city) you will probably see your listing on page 1 and hopefully on top of the page. However, it’s not guaranteed that will happen as you search for your funeral home in areas outside your main town.

Although you do business with residents in nearby towns and communities you are probably not a top choice or a choice at all in the search results in the nearby locations you also service. Most funeral homes “narrow cast” and this limits their reach and the number of immediate need death calls they receive. You’ve got to “cast a wider net” into all the surrounding towns and communities you serve. This short video explains the concept perfectly.


It’s not up for debate anymore that no one uses the yellow pages to find or search for a funeral home. Everyone goes onto Google to find and search for products and services and here is a major fact to prove this:

Google keywords 2017

This illustration is taken directly from Google and not counting any other traffic source, major search engine or review site. What makes these staggering numbers even more appealing is another fact to consider; Funeral Home related keywords are not a “leisure search,” they are a serious search. It’s not like I’m surfing the web wanting to learn how to swing my 9 iron properly or looking up the latest holiday recipe. It’s a serious search, something serious has happened and with this kind of search volume, you want your funeral home to be set up properly on the web fielding that initial call!

On a pay per click campaign (which by the way we re very good at) you don’t focus your funeral services in the immediate area of your funeral home. You “cast a wider net” into outside communities, cities and towns within your funeral homes service area. Casting a wider net by ranking organically is by far more cost effective then PPC (Pay Per Click) as organic results are 8.5x more likely to be clicked on than paid search results! To prove that point, ask yourself when you do a search, do you click on the paid ads or the organic search results? Most people click on the organic results first and that includes the families you serve!

To cast a wider net for your funeral home, come talk with us. There is never a cost to fact find and share ideas and strategies specific to your funeral home and location.