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My name is Alan Hillsberg, Owner of Funeral Marketing Services. Our group exclusively works with funeral homes helping them build the foundation for a secure multi-million dollar funeral home business for years to come.

This article and video will show you an example how we do that.

For many funeral homes, their marketing plan centers around neighborhood walk-ins and referrals. Funeral Homes have relied on neighborhood walk-ins and referrals for decades and while there is nothing wrong with this type of business and this business will always be welcome, at best, neighborhood walk-ins and referrals are unreliable and unpredictable from month to month. Isn’t that true? You can’t base sales projections on something that is unpredictable and unreliable.

Here is where I want to shift your thinking;

Take a look at these numbers from Google over the last 30 days;

funeral home marketing
funeral marketing

For the two keyword phrases shown, cremation and funeral homes, (of course there are obviously more keywords than these two for the funeral home business) these keywords total 110,000 searches from Google alone in the last 30 days. I’m not talking about Bing, Yahoo or any other directory. This is coming from Google alone! These 110,000 searches were not neighborhood walk-ins or referrals. These are families that weren’t referred or chose not to walk in to a funeral home.

The huge volume of 110,000 searches tell us this; For every referral you get, there are tens of dozens in your demographic that are not referred, and for every neighborhood walk-in you get, there are 10s of dozens of families in your demographic that don’t want to walk into a funeral home. It’s easier and more convenient for a family to do a local search for a funeral home over the Internet and the proof and verification of this fact is in the sheer number of searches taken directly from Google analytics last month.

Think about it; How are people that don’t know you going to find your business? Outside of neighborhood walk-ins and referrals, the Internet is where your next funeral service is coming from, and if used properly, it’s an absolute goldmine!

So how can we drive more of this immediate need traffic to your funeral home? Let me show you EXACTLY how we do this by sharing ONE strategy with you.
I have a client who has a funeral home in Hewlett NY. It’s a town here on Long Island, and here’s the key; His funeral home not only does business with the residents of Hewlett NY, but just like your funeral home, he also does business with the residents in nearby towns and sub cities surrounding his funeral home.

Look at this map – The red icon represents his funeral home in Hewlett NY and the green icons represent the surrounding communities he wants to do business in. This map shows 15 cities within a 6 mile radius of Hewlett NY.

Funeral Marketing
Funeral Home in Hewlett NY

In most cases, Google will rank you high in the search results in the city in which your funeral home is located. If my client types in Funeral Homes, Hewlett NY, he will probably show on top of the search results. However that is not true in the surrounding areas in which he also does business. When we started with him he was not listed on Google in any of the 15 cities listed here.

As I just stated, the center of each of these 15 cities are within 6 miles of Hewlett NY. Imagine an urgent need family typing in Funeral Homes, Woodmere, or Funeral Homes East Rockaway or Funeral Homes Lynbrook and his funeral home shows on top of the search results for each of these 15 cities? By exposing his funeral home services to more cities, we are exposing his funeral services to 1000s of additional families in the demographic he serves. Instead of narrow casting, we are suddenly casting a wider net.

This is exactly what we do for our clients, and I’m going to show you how you can do this for your funeral home FOR FREE.

I wrote a book called The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide for Funeral Homes which provides a step by step tutorial on how you can cast a wider net for your funeral home.

Since we exclusively work with funeral homes, we put into play just the right strategies to generate a consistent flow of new traditional burials and cremation services per month for our clients.

So download our free guide…. Here is what you’ll learn;

1. How to get your funeral home on top of google for all the high traffic keywords urgent need families use to find your business – FOR FREE!

2. How to get your Google listing to STAND OUT so your funeral home gets that immediate need phone call over your competition. – Again FOR FREE!

3. How to Rank your high traffic keywords on top of all the cities you want to do business in! For Free.

4. How to use the power of Social Media to build relationships with the living so that in their time of need, you are the funeral home that gets their urgent need call, and their business.

5. How to set up an intelligent Marketing Plan for 2016 to maximize the number of Services you do this year. All FOR FREE!

In addition to the free guide, if you have any questions implementing any of these ideas in your business, or want more examples on how to generate more services per month that’s SPECIFIC to your funeral home and location, let’s set up a one on one strategy session, again at absolutely no charge.
It doesn’t matter where your funeral home is located, in a rural community or in the middle of a large city, we have custom strategies to create huge opportunities, build a secure financial foundation, and generate more business for your funeral home now and in the future.

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