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Where is your Funeral Home located on Google?

Most Funeral Homes are listed in Google in the area in which their Funeral Home is physically located. For example, if you type Funeral Home + (your city) your Funeral Home should be listed in the search results. However, you don’t only service the area in which your Funeral Home is located. There are surrounding towns, sub-cities or districts that you offer your services to as well.

If you do a search in those surrounding towns, you may find yourself in one or two closer towns but for the most part, chances are you won’t find your Funeral Home listed.

Find out if your funeral home is in in surrounding cities. This video will show you how.

Imagine your business on the top of the search results in another 7 to 10 cities under high traffic keywords that the majority of the population uses to find a funeral home?

You will increase the number of services by 3, 5 7 or more services a month just mastering this technique.

Gaining this additional exposure outside of the city or town your funeral home is located in will generate more calls, more sales and more revenue not only for you to do well but to offer so much more to your community.

This is only one of several strategies we use to help your business grow dramatically. I encourage you to call me at 516-263 2565  and whether we do business or not, at least you’ll know what needs to be done to create huge opportunities and generate more business for your funeral home. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you!

Increase your sales and grow your revenue!

Welcome to Funeral Marketing Services. If you are looking for ideas and strategies to grow your Funeral Home business, you have come to the right place!

As professional marketers in our space, we have learned to put into practice a few coordinated concepts that have proven to generate new business for our clients. I am going to share those concepts with you now.

To be successful in marketing your funeral services, you’ve got to adapt a number of different marketing strategies all working together to make your business strong and help you grow dramatically. You can’t work on one or two marketing concepts (like blogging or on page optimization) and think that’s enough to rank well in the search results. Quality Marketing and SEO is about doing several things at the same time and doing them well.
The goal is not about getting a great ranking on Google, that’s only part of a strategy. The goal is to get your phone to ring, placing you or your team in a position to convert those calls into clients. The goal for us is to get your business more calls, more sales and more revenue and that comes from doing several things at the same time and doing them well.

So Instead of adapting one or two strategies here or there hoping it will generate some revenue, we have incorporated a 12 step process all working at the same time that will result in more calls and more sales by getting your internet marketing right.
This presentation is designed to provide a clear, concise plan to drive more sales and more revenue to your bottom line and this is done by taking a comprehensive 12 step approach towards SEO and Marketing.

We specialize in working with Funeral Directors and Owners, to help them increase revenues and take their Funeral Home business to the NEXT LEVEL. We do this by effectively marketing online via Search Engine Optimization, Map Optimization, Social Media and other internet marketing tools. Take a look at the video below. It will be well worth your time.